Bry-Guy, Farmer, Chef, Foodie

Hey, folks.  I’m Brian, the cooking guy, and I take care of the food at Element Brewing Company.  Actually, I do a bit more than that.  I help out on my family farm, Diemand Farm, in Wendell, MA and am constantly trying out new things in the kitchen.  I run a business preparing food and set up every weekend at Elements to share my wares on a plate.

Pickle Plate

The family farm has been operating for 81 years, and continues to produce local pasture raised turkeys and beef, free range chicken and a variety of home style meals and treats.  I continue a tradition of natural, simple, locally sourced ingredients passionately crafted into delicious creations.  I source most of my ingredients from local businesses, with a constant influx of fresh meats, veggies and grains from neighboring farms.  Every weekend you can find something freshly made from scratch, with an always changing specials sheet.


I’m simply passionate about good food, and have been since I was a kid.  I continue on a journey of experimentation and discovery of food, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!