Diemand Farm

Diemand Farm was established in 1936 by Albert Diemand, a factory worker with a dream of having some land and a family.  $2,000 in pocket, he purchased the farmhouse and surrounding 100 acres of land on Mormon Hollow Road and began his dream.  30 years and 12 children, Peter, Paul, Edward, Butch, Bertha, Anthony, Elsie, Judy, Anne, Faith, Mary, a thriving poultry farm became and integral part of the community, mutually supporting each other into what, to this day, is a remarkable tight knit family whose core mission is helping each other.  Members of this family number in the dozens now, with an established clan of hard working craftsmen of a variety of trades, of which I am a 3rd generation member, continuing a tradition of natural, local delicious food made simply, with care, and practically to boot.


In 2017, the farm has since diversified into a dynamic tapestry of styles, personalities and services.  Free range turkey, chicken and beef are just the beginning.  A fully stocked farm kitchen prepares 11,000 turkey pot pies alone annually, in addition to an array of over 100 different dishes, dinners, soups and desserts, all scratch made right on the farm.  Other local farms help stock our shelves with grains, vegetables and honeys.  Only our farm raised steroid free beef and poultry are used in the kitchen.  Lumber, compost, wood furnishings, cutting boards, wool, and a full catering service capable of feeding hundreds now are available to you from several generations of the Diemand family.

All the poultry and eggs I use in my food come directly from the farm, located a mere 3 miles from the brewery.  Straight from the farm to your plate.  Composting and recycling have been performed at the farm since day one.

Check out more information about the farm at http://www.thediemandfarm.com.  You can learn more, see the product list, schedule some catering or even order your Thanksgiving turkey.

Diemand Farm’s Website