Local Farms

In Western Massachusetts we are graced with a bounty of local farms, producers, livestock, and amazing artisans.  From local pasture raised turkey to local stone ground whole grains, a vibrant mixture of eclectic and fresh ingredients give rise to our dynamic and flavorful menu.   Below you will find a list of many of the farms and local businesses we support in our quest to serve you quality food.  Please visit their websites and help support small, local farmers and community oriented stores.


Diemand Farm   –   Wendell, MA    –   Local natural meats, meals, and more

Four Star Farms   –   Northfield, MA   –   Grains and Hops

Smiarowski Farm Stand   –   Sunderland, MA   –   Vegetables, Fruits

Kitchen Garden Farm   –   Greenfield, MA   –   Sriracha, Peppers, Vegetables

Greenfield Farmers Market  –  Greenfield, MA  –  Local Fresh Produce and Goods

Fosters Supermarket   –   Greenfield, MA  –  Local Market

Warm Colors Apiary   –   Deerfield, MA   –   Varietal Honey

Adams Farm   –   Athol, MA   –   Local Meats and Produce

Fungi Ally   –   Deerfield, MA   –   Mushrooms

2nd Street Baking Company   –   Turners Falls, MA   –   Artisan Pastries and Desserts